NFT GALLERY (collections)
Collection "Dark Creatures"
In gloomy Transylvania, high in the mountains, is the castle of Dracula, in which his heirs, vampires and werewolves live.
Home in the family - Mara, vampire Black Serpent, great-granddaughter of Count Dracula. Also among them is Pandora, a werewolf.
Young vampires don't drink human blood, only animal blood.

The family also has a servant, Eligio, who dreams of becoming a vampire, gaining eternity and serving young vampires.
Each of this family is a special person with their own character and preferences. The oldest vampire - the Black Snake is already 700 years old, the youngest Asrid, 150 years old.

They are passionate and very strong, but closed, do not make contact with people. They will fight to the death for their family.
Every art has a right to exist. 
Each creation will forever remain in the noosphere.