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Collection "Goddesses"

In far space on the planet Trag lived five sister goddesses. The world of Trag was magic, it was there that the magical art of tragila-sai was born. The magicians of this planet could control animals and plants and embody their human form in flowers or animals. The five sisters and their mother were flower goddesses.
But the powers of their magic were envied by the giants from the planetary belt Reeve, which was located in a neighboring galaxy.

They came with the war and defeated the mages of Trag, because they did not know how to fight and did not have weapons. The destroyed the magical Trag and threw the goddesses and their mother into outer space. The space dragon helped them, he covered them in his body. So they lived for several years, but soon the dragon fell Riviers asleep and spread its wings. So he lost the goddesses. Goddesses have fallen to the planet Earth. But in this world there was a three-dimensional space, and the goddesses were from the five-dimensional world.

They could not exist on this planet and turned into flowers. This is how beauty appeared on planet Earth.
The spirit of the goddess still lives in every flower.

1. Goddess Rose, the eldest of the sisters. The Lady of the Night was to rule the planet Trag after her mother. She is mysterious, closed, but always fair. On the planet Earth has turned into scarlet roses. Her spirit: love and thorns.

2. Goddess Lily The youngest of the sisters, carefree and cheerful. She has a heavenly scent. Anyone who at least once inhaled the smell of her pink hair, forever remained in love with Lily. Before the advent of the Riviers, she lived in her own palace filled with pale pink lilies.

3. Goddess Gerbera. She lived on the edge of the continent and was the goddess of sunset and flowers. She is passionate, free-spirited and strong. Her flowers are perfect gerberas.

4. Goddess Ivy. All poisonous plants obey her. Cunning, secretive, but very devoted to her family.

5. Goddess Orchid. She was the most beautiful and gentle of all the sisters, she had a beautiful voice. She Incarnated as an orchid flower.

6. Goddess Chamomile. She is the mother of five sisters. She ruled Trag for two thousand years. One day, while sleeping, a magical bindweed wrapped itself around her legs and sprayed the seeds into her womb. This bindweed was a divine spark that grew from the very heart of Trag. The goddess gave birth to five sisters, endowed with the ability to control plants. The mother goddess was a caring and strong, as well as a fair ruler. She was respected by all the mages on her planet. Having fallen to Earth, she did not incarnate for a long time until she found a suitable flower. She became a Chamomile.
Every art has a right to exist. 
Each creation will forever remain in the noosphere.